Our Partner’s Previous Experience


Our partners have worked with governments, non-governmental organizations, universities and some of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world. Their previous experience includes working with the World Bank, NATO, EU institutions, Heineken, Deutsche Telekom, the German Foreign Office, the UK Department for International Trade, the Carter Center, the International Crisis Group and many others. A few examples of our Partner’s previous work:

  • Madagascar: An oil major was concerned about political risk surrounding investments in the island nation of Madagascar. We provided tailored political risk analysis as well as an overview of key stakeholders in Malagasy politics.

  • Tunisia: NATO wanted to find out more about civil society in Tunisia. We conducted exten­sive research, including interviews with local actors, to write a detailed report.

  • Tajikistan: The World Bank requested information on Tajikistan‘s extractive sector revenue streams. We collected data, analyzed it using advanced statistical methods, and issued recom­mendations.

  • Ukraine: We evaluated the extent to which Ukraine’s democratic process is vulnerable to foreign interference for a Western foundation.

  • Libya: NATO required information on the impact of instability in Libya on neighboring count­ries like Egypt, Tunisia and in the Sahel. We prepared a report in cooperation with an external expert specialized in Libya.