Geopolitical Risk Advisory

We provide insights on the ways global political events can influence operations. Will the US-China trade dispute affect security risks in Southeast Asia? How will Brexit affect investment in Sub-Saharan Africa? What impacts will Russian aggression have on energy markets in Latin America? We will provide evidence-based analysis to help you navigate this volatile political climate.


Country Risk Analysis

We provide organizations with actionable, in-depth knowledge on specific count­ries. Our analysis and forecasting make it easier for organizations in the private and public sectors to identify risks and opportunities for their operations in far-flung places.


Stakeholder Profiles

Structural factors matter, but politics is ultimately a people business. We can provide insights into the players who matter on the ground. Who has the ear of the President and what are their prio­rities? What does the latest election mean for your ability to compete against Chinese firms? We can help guide you to talk to the right people and understand the power brokers wherever you operate.


Subscription Risk Briefings

Occam Strategies provides periodical subscription-based risk briefings. Our flagship report is Madagascar Monthly. Published every four weeks, it provides in-depth expert analysis on Malagasy politics. It covers the critical developments and the key players in the most up-to-date fashion. It is particularly useful to companies who are con­sidering an investment in Madagascar or those who have already invested.