Madagascar Monthly


In addition to tailored risk advisory, Occam Strategies offers off-the shelf reports. Our flagship report is Madagascar Monthly. We are the people that the big consultancies hire when they need to advise clients about Madagascar. Why not cut out the middleman and get your information directly from the experts themselves?

Madagascar Monthly is a subscription-based publication by Occam Strategies. Published on the last day of every month, it provides in-depth expert analysis on Malagasy politics. We cover major events in politics, society and the economy, and interpret those events based on our extensive understanding of Madgascar so you can make informed decisions.

Our partners have direct relationships with all major political and economic players on the island. They regularly speak to top advisers to President Andry Rajoelina and are routinely in contact with government ministers, presidential candidates, political party leaders, generals, and journalists in Madagascar. They have lived in Madagascar for extended periods, giving them a proverbial digital rolodex that includes the movers and shakers on the island. Our partners also continue to offer bespoke advice to major international clients in the private sector, the NGO world, and international governments related to Madagascar.

Occam Strategies is a boutique political risk and research firm founded by political scientists after they met at the University of Oxford. The firm specializes in emerging markets and countries threatened by political instability. Aside from off-the-shelf publications like Madagascar Monthly, Occam Strategies provides tailored political risk advisory delivered through written reports, in-person meetings or via the phone. If you want to find out more about Madagascar or Occam Strategies, contact Dr. Brian Klaas at